• Thomas Garner“Frank Nuttel”

    Originally from Rockville, Maryland – Thomas worked as a janitor, deliveryman, salesman and finally graphic artist to put himself through theater school. Since moving to Los Angeles, he’s been a cartoonist, bartender, actor, screen writer, manager, teacher and acting coach. As a child, he would always whisper evilly to his Labrador Retriever “Mailman!” to get her into ‘guard-the-yard-like-crazy’ mode.
  • Rebecca Spicher“Alice”

    Rebecca was born in Texas and has been acting since she was 3 years old. She has appeared in commercials, film, television, and theater. Additionally she loves to sing, dance, and travel, and is currently learning to play the piano. Now living in Los Angeles she looks forward to receiving mail from her family and friends around the country.
  • Therese Lentz“Mrs. Sappleton”

    Therese has been acting since she wrote parts for herself and performed them in the backyard with the other neighborhood kids. She’s been seen around Los Angeles performing such roles as Sherlock Holmes, Chelsea in On Golden Pond, and Gwendolyn in The Importance of Being Earnest. At the age of five, she couldn’t understand why the postman kept returning her letters – she’d drawn an exact replica of a stamp!
  • Timothy Brennen“Mr. Sappleton”

    Timothy grew up in Aurora IL (Wayne’s World – Excellent!) He has been a main company member of the venerable Groundlings Theatre the last ten years and had such divergent roles as recurring on Mad Men to improvising on Curb Your Enthusiasm. This last Christmas he left mixed nuts as a present for his mailman, but after weeks went by the mailman never took them, so Timothy ate them himself.